5 Outdoor Maintenance Tasks To Tackle This Spring

Dated: March 29 2021

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1. Painting

Spring is one of the best times to paint. Not only is the weather ideal and not too hot to ensure the paint dries correctly, but it's a great opportunity to touch up anything that has taken a beating over the winter, or anything you want to spruce up

2. Check the Condition of Your Decks, Fences and Other Outdoor Structures

Wood, concrete and other materials can be damaged from the harsh winters we have here in Canada. Now is a great opportunity to ensure there is nothing wrong with your deck like loose boards, or water damaged portions, ensure your fence is securely anchored and sturdy, and also making sure to check on concrete or wooden stairs to ensure their safety. 

3. Clean Your Eavestroughs

One of the most overlooked yet obvious things to clean- your eavestroughs. This is highly important especially in spring with lots of rain to protect your home from water damage and backing up under your shingles and into your roof's structure. .

4. Inspect Your Roof

Spring is the ideal time for a visual inspection of your roof. Take a walk around, or even a trip up on the roof (safely, of course) to see if there are worn, damaged, or completely missing areas. The last thing you want is to be in bed on a rainy night in April with a steady drip on your forehead from your ceiling. 

5. Check Your Sump Pumps

Heavy levels of precipitation in the spring can result in lots of ground water heading into your home and sump pump. Make sure your pump is adequate to pump heavy levels of water out and away from your home. Ensure that the outside drainage is far enough away from the foundation of your home, or it is defeating the purpose of the pump. 

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