4 Things To Watch For When Considering A "Move-In Ready" Home

Dated: August 17 2021

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You see it all the time. When looking at a listing they remarks always mention something along the lines of "don't miss out" "unpack and relax" or the always enticing "move-in ready". But let's look at that for a moment. On a basic level- sure, most people don't want to have to do a ton of work. They want things in working order so they can unpack and start their life in that home immediately. That being said being "move-in ready" and what some sellers hope you don't notice are 2 different things. 

    Sure this could be an honest mistake when the listing agent enters it, but it can also mean that work with no permits was completed on the house i.e. the listing says 2 bathrooms, and there's a random 3rd in the basement. This is where your agent comes in helping you checking in to make sure all work done legally and with the appropriate permits. 

    While rugs are great for accessorizing and pulling a room together, what lurks under them may not be so beautiful. When looking at a home be sure to peel back the area rug to see just what's under it. There's nothing worse than moving into a home that now needs to have the hardwood floors refinished ($$) because rugs covered the problem areas.
    While this isn't always alarming- some basements just aren't finished whether it's a newer home, or the previous owner's just never got around to it- it should make you take a closer look as to why the basement wasn't finished. Maybe they just use it for storage and have no use for it. Perhaps it's an eldery couple who are selling their home to move to a more friendly single sloor living space. But just maybe the basement floods, and they've given up on the prospects of finishing it, because why bother? Check for signs of water damage, bubbling, peeling and darkened areas. Random new piece of drywall? Ask why it's there. 

    Windows are an important part of a home. Not only do they provide light and ventilation, they also keep the heat in. Worn windows can cost hundreds, or even thousands extra a year if air is entering/escaping, particularly in the winter months. Windows are not cheap. No one is pretending they are, and they may be a step a seller over looks or chooses to not spend money on as long as they look okay. Make sure to check out the windows during your tours- you don't want to have to fork out money for new ones before you even move in. 

    Other things to thoroughly examine when looking at home that is "move-in ready" that may run up a bill:
    HVAC system
    These items are all costly to replace so its important to take the time to ask questions and thoroughly look at everything with your agent. Many homes are selling without inspection clauses, and this list will be helpful to you to establish whether the home is really worth it to you if you have to replace a ton of sub-par condition items after you move in.
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