11 Things To Do When Listing Your Home

Dated: November 30 2020

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1. Find a great real estate agent

Think you can just sell your home yourself in this hot market & just pocket the cash you would have spent on a realtor? Think again. "For sale by owner" transactions often end is disaster, leaving you wasting time and money. This is why you hire a professional to begin with. That being said, don't just blindly hire any agent. Do some reasearch, interview agents, check out who is well known within the area that will have the knowledge to help you through this transaction. Not all agents are full time, but ours at Royal LePage Crown Realty are. You're getting quality and knowledge agents that KNOW about where they're selling.

2. Consider your curb appeal

Yes, buyers do tend to judge a book by its cover. You want to make sure potential buyers' first impression of your home is a good oneand inspires them to want to book a showing. Invest in budget friendly fixes, like colourful flowers in the spring/summer, repainting your front door, and ensuring the yard is tidy and presentable will help your sales. If you need advice, as your agent for a list of things they've noticed buyers look at most often. 

3. Declutter living areas

Less is certainly more. Do a clean sweep of counters, window sills, tables and other visible areas. If a house is overflowing with stuff, buyers may worry about the storage capacity they're investing in. Take your excess stuff and donate it, pack it, or store it off site for the time being. This makes your home look cleaner and larger, and helps you come moving day when you have already purged and packed some of your items. 

4. Depersonalize your space

While you may think all your trinkets and items are cute- potential buyers do not. It's a distraction to them visualizing them and their items within the space. Remove bold artwork, your 32 family photos and other large items. The goal is creating a blank canvas that buyers can project their own images of living there. 

5. Repaint walls to neutral tones

You may love that neon pink wall, but if it's a potential buyer's nightmare, that could be a turn off. Adding a nice, fresh coat of neutral paint to your home not only spruces it up, but makes it easier for a buyer to not only paint over if they choose, but to picture what they want to do with the space. If they don't feel at home, they'll probably look at other real estate options.

6. Touch up any scuff marks

If you're not doing full on re-paint, pay attention to scubbing (particularly in high traffic or missed areas) and then touching up the walls, baseboards and doors to present a cared for appearance to potential buyers. You may not notice it over time, but a potential buyer will notice that large chip of paint missing in the mudroom. 

7. Fix any loose handles/bulbs

A small and easy fix- make sure your door knobs are tightened, handle on cabinets are securely screwed in and you ensure all lightbulbs are functional. These are small things, but it can make a buyer stop and think "What else is broken or hiding that needs to be fixed?". 

8. Conduct a smell test

You might not smell Fido, but the buyers that have no pets going through your home certainly can. Foul odours can definitely make potential buyers run out the door. Get an unbiased third party like your agent to go for a "sniff test" through your home. Be prepared to do some deep cleaning, perhaps remove pets for showings, and avoid cooking foods with strong odours that may linger if you know you'll be having showings through our home. 

9. Clean, clean, clean

If you think you're done cleaning, you're not. You want buyer's to see your home spotless. The cleaner the home is, the more positive impression it leaves on buyers that the home is not only well cared for, but also that they won't have to spend 2 weeks cleaning it before they can move in. People view professional photos of your home that are clean, and potentially staged, so if they walk in and see something vastly different, that may have them walking back out the door, and onto the next listing. 

10. Hide valuables

We tell this to all sellers. Ensure any valuables from jewellry, to passports, to prescription drugs are locked up, or out of the home. Unfortunately, not everyone is trustworthy and we want our sellers to have a positive selling experience that doesn't involve theft. 

11. Consider staging

Your agent will help you decide if it's best to bring in a professional to set the scene and mood of your home for potential buyers and agents. Home stagers will evaluate the current condition, and belongings in your house and determine what elements might raise the bar. Stagers know the market, and what sells in it, so it's important to take their advice and not take offense when they tell you the shag rug needs to go. Their job is to help drum up interest from potential buyers, which is always good news for you.

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