Watch For These Issues When Purchasing A Home

Dated: January 18 2021

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You're so excited. You've found the most perfect home on our site and you call your agent to schedule an appointment. As you walk through the door it's everything you've ever wanted- until you see the crack in the basement wall haphazzardly covered in paint. Things like this come up all the time. As Realtors, we are trained to help you spot any potential issues regarding a home before you're signing on the dotted line, and when we can't spot it- that's when we leave it to the professional home inspectors to make sure this dream home is up to snuff before you're thousands of dollars deep in a mortgage and repairs. Check out this list of things you need to ensure are in functional order before you sign that firm offer. 

  1. Roof - Damage is sometimes hard to detect merely looking from the outside- particularly leaks. Do a scan of the roof from all angles of the house, looking for peeling, or damaged areas that may cause issues in the future. Checking the attic also may reveal water marks from a leak, or worse collected water from an active leak. Winter and spring are optimal for spotting things like this due to the amount of water from outside - benefitting the buyer, and making it harder for the seller to cover up. 
  2. Cracks - When going through a home, check for cracks in walls, uneven slanted flooring, or even doors that are difficult to close. These can all signal foundation issues, and that is not something you want to deal with. Have the foundation inspected by a professional home inspector to get the 411 on the status of the foundation. This may put you in the postion to negotiate a bargain for the home considering repairs will need to be made at your expense, or you can simply know to walk away from something that will cause a massive headache and a large hit to your wallet in the future. 
  3. Heating & Cooling Systems - No one wants a cold, or boiling home to live in. Make sure they are in working order prior to purhasing the home. During a walk through you can check the vents to ensure airflow is coming from all of them. Take a look at the furnace and air conditioner- do they look to be in good condition, and have regular maintenance on their service tags? An inspector will go over these basics and even more to ensure everything is in working order. 
  4. A Bad/Hurried Paint Job - Sometime a bad paint job is just a bad paint job. Not all of us are professionals at it. Sometimes though, it can be a sign that the seller is trying to cover something up. One small patch of fresh paint in the bathroom? Perhaps there was mold they tried to clean and cover. The same goes on the outside. Check areas that have the capacity for rot and give it a poke. 
  5. Electrical - Check every light, and outlet in the home to ensure it is in working order. Another tip is to run the washer, disherwasher and/or other appliances like a hair dryer in the bathroom all at once to assess if there are any issues, and to make sure you can live your life without blowing fuses or breakers. Additionally, take a look to make sure the electrical system is up to standards and doesn't pose a fire risk.
  6. Plumbing - No one wants to deal with backed up inefficient plumbing. Check all of the sinks/ showers in the home for good water pressure, and ensure hot/cold water is coming out according to what you are turning it to. Make sure that toilets all flush properly, and ensure drains don't take forever to empty- this can lead to a costly plumber bill to unclog that wad of hair that has never been cleaned out - ew. 
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